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NewsThe Council of Foreign Investors celebrated its 20th birthday

December 1, 2022

The Council of Foreign Investors marked 20 years of work with a solemn ceremony, where awards for cooperation in the past two decades were awarded to the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the EU Delegation in Serbia and the founding companies.

The ceremony was opened with opening speeches by the Vice-President of the Council and General Director of Roch for Serbia and Montenegro, Ana Govedarica, the Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanovic on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and the Head of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Emanuel Giofre.

Advocating for a predictable, competitive and sustainable business environment, with the permanent improvement of the business and investment climate, and promoting Serbia as a great place to invest for the benefit of all its citizens, the Council’s key pillars have remained unchanged: independence, transparency, expertise, best international practices and, above all, support for more intensive European integration.

Compared to 150 million euros of investments and 3,160 employees at the time of its establishment, today, twenty years later, the Council consists of about 120 members who have invested about 36 billion euros and who employ more than 100,000 Serbian citizens, while about 75% of the companies that are members of the Council are companies from the EU. Corporate culture, highly ethical business operations and modern principles of corporate management of member companies make the Council a reliable partner not only for the Government of the Republic of Serbia, but also for local companies.

The K&F Lawyers team has been participating in numerous segments of the Council’s work for many years, including the preparation of the White Book, which is why the celebration of this significant jubilee was attended by the partners of our office, Dubravka Kosić, Vice President of the Council’s Committee for Tourism and Hospitality, and Mihajlo Bakrač.


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