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Corporate Law

The basis and the key of every successfully set system. The increase of the inclusion of companies in Serbia into global corporative transaction, as well as presence of multinational companies, involves the establishment of an adequate position to access markets, technology and reducing risk exposure.

Our corporative group consults numerous world’s leading companies as well as financial institutions and investment funds in the procedures of establishment, mergers and acquisitions in Serbia, a joint venture investment of private and public capital, manage risk capital and private equity investments, and other transactional matters. It is of the utmost importance, in that sense, the extensive experience in the establishment and business registration, status changes that include merging and division of subjects, the formation of holding company and all its modalities.

In cooperation with Central register for securities and the Commission for securities, we perform takeovers and purchase of subject at the stock market, with minimization of financial risk.

Monitoring and changing the ownership structures of companies, with complete legal consulting, represent a part of corporative groups of major international law offices and step towards accomplishing multilateral corporative groups as well as cross border arrangements companies.

Bancruptcy And Reorganization

Changes at the market and the importance of the global crises as well as the impact on not enough developed Serbian market caused significant insolvency of the. From 2010 it is in the process application of the new law on bankruptcy which introduced new legal institutes in the way of solving the problems of insolvency.

Legal teams of the office are included in numerous bankruptcy procedures in various areas, as well as one of the most complicated bankruptcies, which will certainly lay the foundations of practice in the systems of related legal entities, which according to the principle of communicating vessels go into bankruptcy. The office, in very short period off application of the new Law, gain extensive practice in procedures of reorganization plan, which are made in cooperation with renowned financial consultant.

Specialized teams of particularly processes reorganization of assets, the distribution of mortgage pledge, the application of receivables, especially from related legal entities, and find specific solutions in specific areas that depend on the stock exchange quotation of goods.

The key of procedure is the possibility of rehabilitation of bankruptcy debtor with precise overlooking of all facts by horizontal and vertical system and application of the provisions of the Law.

Plans are proposing in the best interest of bankruptcy creditor and bankruptcy debtor, for which, not so rare, it needs to be appointed the network of associates which are familiar with the specificity of the activity and especially the needs of the participants in bankruptcy and reorganization proceedings.

In bankruptcy you can accomplish a variety of significant alternatives to restore the business and legal regulation of the company.

Contract Law

The contract is the law for the Contracting Parties and it provides for the realization of the business ideas and arrangements that participants in the business want to achieve. We provide legal advice as a “home” legal team for the support in drafting of commercial contracts, especially taking into account the main project and the sector in which the contract is realized.

The team consists of lawyers with experience to provide the support from simple statements to complex multi-party projects, divided into several jurisdictions. Rules of business suggest that relation of two or more subjects in a contracting process should be regulated so that there is a fulfillment of the contract, and that in the event of a dispute, each party will be adequately protected.

For each client, needed “home” team of legal support in drafting a commercial contract is established, but as a regulator of major projects and business – critical contracts for companies in all sectors.

The team is committed to providing consulting that covers all types of contracts, including purchase and supply, dealer agreements, setting up all the necessary network of operations, franchise, agency and distribution, logistics and storage facilities, managing of arrangements, business outsourcing. K&F Advokati Law Office prepares series of drafts of documents necessary for the creation and preservation of these contractual relations, protection of the rights of our clients and increase of the value of their business, minimize risk, harmonization with the current law, international treaties, customs regulations and bylaws.

During the drafting of the contract it is specifically indicated on a common practice in the treatment of state authorities, the views and opinions of relevant ministries, as well as the relevant material and procedural legal jurisdiction. Multinational companies, by investing in the Serbian market, apply its usual practice, adhering to the principle of doing business in specific activities.

K&F Advokati Law Office adjusts internal corporate and contractual regulations of each company with the relevant Serbian legislation. Trade and retail sector is one of the most dynamic and competitive sector. Multinational companies, as clients, rightly expect from a lawyer global approach with possibility of application in localized context. For resolving the current issues of our clients, we simultaneously seek to establish the legal framework and achieve strategic competitiveness in the market.

Labor Law

Considering specificities of this area of law, sensitivity of the relations regulated with this material and stand point of the court practice, K&F Advokati Law Office has a team from this area which are able to fully present the best way to regulate employment relations with special focus on: employment, types of employment, the employee and employer responsibility, the duration and termination of employment, monetary claims related to employment, collective bargaining, labor law disputes, acts of the company, other employment matters.

In light of the approaching to EU legislation, we are witnessing the daily changes of legislation in which one of the key roles is played by this area.

In this sense, the K&F Advokati Law Office team is able to provide ongoing legal assistance in monitoring the flow of change and adapting the way of doing business with the changes in the legislation.

Energy and natural resources

Energy is a complex field and has a highly competitive place for market participants, where Serbia occupies a place in development. In such an environment, professional advisors are essential to understand the needs of clients and the application of legal regulations. Our expertise includes the entire energy chain of production, but also the client’s daily needs in this area.

K&F Advokati participated in the privatization of all mines on the territory of Serbia with successful acquisitions and provides services in securing exploration rights and expanding exploration fields. The energy group has experience in the field of alternative energy projects, including renewable energy sources, especially wind projects, panel parks, solar energy, and biomass.

Our team offers practical, pragmatic solutions in a business sense, especially in the field of mining, LPG, regulatory and contractual aspects of entities in the power sector. With highly trained consultants for certain legal areas, we prepare due diligence for large systems in order to realize projects, opportunities and conditions for performing activities and obtaining licenses. We are ready for maximum risk assessment and insurance against possible risky situations.

We have significant experience in reviewing court proceedings, especially in the process of assuming the position of legal successor in proceedings with multi-million sums. The most experienced lawyers have been successfully representing clients in this area and before selected Arbitrations for many years.

Criminal Responsibility And Offences

White-collar crime is on the rise, corporate responsibility is on the rise, and the number of allegations of abuse of office, bribery and corruption, market abuse, competition, antitrust and fraud is on the rise.

In order to protect the interests of its clients, the Law Office K&F Advokati has formed a legal team with by far the largest and most successful practice in the region in this field. In business, there is often disregard for some regulations that are differentia specifica of these areas, which can seriously jeopardize the business of members of management. In this sense, in some areas, it is crucial to obtain high professional advice in advising on larger business transactions.

We represent corporations, businesses and individuals, at every stage of the business risk cycle – from legislative oversight to the development of proactive program compliance and internal control and investigation and provide advice during criminal or regulatory investigations, especially client defense, gathering evidence before domestic and international courts and bodies.

Competition Law

Local markets are becoming part of the global challenges and require a global response, with the knowledge of the domestic legislation which is approaching in its regulation to the EU Directives.

Our practice is built on highly qualified lawyers who conduct the procedures in practice, fully aware of local and international dimensions of competition issues. Serbian market is including in wide spectrum of conduct in restraining of trade under special regulations, agreements, and protection from monopoly abuse of dominant position, restrictive position of the supplier or customer arrangements, joint ventures and corporate mergers and acquisitions – these laws affect almost every aspect of the company’s activity in the market. It is especially built the practice for counseling in investment transactions through joint venture investments. A new area opens also in the application of competition law in bankruptcy proceedings, through the reorganization and bankruptcy.

Application of competition rules is expected in constant areas. Clients are specifically provided with information on the harmonization of the already set up systems of distribution with new rules and amendments to already existing agreements.

The main motto of the work of K&F Advokati Law Office is professional practical application for each client individually, referring to implementation of new rules and regulations of antimonopoly and competition law, which are essential for any investment and regular operation on the market, timely information on the adoption of new legal solutions and implementation into already existing agreements.

K&F Advokati Law Office is constantly in cooperation with the Commission for protection of competition in order to harmonize its clients business, but especially through the process of take over, mergers, acquisition or bankruptcy.

Free Zones

With economical legal perspective, it is undeniable a rapid development of the free zones and the tendency of greater utilization of the benefits that they provide. Companies during their development are beginning to view the immeasurable benefits of doing business in the free customs zone.

K&F Advokati Law Office provides available a team, which will, based on its experience in this field, be able to present the advantages of doing business in the Free Zone, as well as to provide technical assistance and support in the establishment of the zone.

For reviewing the benefits that Free zone offers, we presents the following general benefits of exemption from VAT for the goods which within the customs procedure are temporarily imported and actively refined with a system of delay, for the goods which are temporarily imported and exported in the unaltered state, for the goods for which the procedure for processing under customs control has been approved, for the good that has been approved for transit, for the goods for which the procedure of storage has been approved, for the goods which are exempt from customs and customs duties under the Customs Law.

We emphasize that the essence of the benefits of free zones on the territory of Republic of Serbia, can be seen also through the prism of combination of factors that lead to the possibility of maximum exploitation of the Duty-Free Zone institutes such as the position of the Republic of Serbia and its relationship with European markets, bilateral and multilateral agreements, which signatory is the Republic of Serbia, among which, as one of the most important, appears Free Trade Agreement with Russia (0% duty rate).

Experts from the office can present and provide with the support during implementation of the entire procedure of establishment and functioning of Free Customs Zones, in order to improve company operations and maximum utilization of resources.

Intelectual Property Law

K&F Advokati Law Office includes one of the largest groups of IP lawyers with longstanding experience in various stages of access to intellectual property and technology and practices of the same in the Serbian market.

Distinguished professors and lawyers have developed models and protective strategies to help clients execute timely care, manage risk, to continue the growth and protect the market share of Serbia and the region. We understand the commercial issues and pressures that arise from IP disputes or related rights.

We negotiate and provide innovative and strategic solutions for copyright. Of particular importance is the large practice in litigation.

Office has specially constructed the practice in representing clients in copyright protection, especially in the fashion and textile industry with remarkable results.

Using multidisciplinary teams, models are created to assist clients in various technologies, as well as representation in areas such as applications, requests for the protection of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Disputes And Arbitration

Everyday companies have to manage risks in business, on the local as well as on the international level. K&F Advokati Law Office has the leading practice in this area, which is confirmed by numerous of successfully resolved proceedings as well as usage its own base of special groups of court practice. Particular aspect in counseling, especially in corporative and contract law, as well as intellectual property law, is the potential exposure to risk of proceedings before the courts and arbitrations.

When the disputes arise, lot of leading domestic and international companies uses the experience of its own teams in civil proceedings, arbitration and administrative proceedings. With largest network of lawyers in region, and also well established contacts with major international offices clients receive a professional opinions, lawyers for the settlement of disputes at all levels and many lawyers are being recognized as leaders in their fields by leading independent bodies.

No matter the problems of our clients, where ever it appears, we are well placed to help.

Our lawyers cooperate with clients and colleagues in order to identify problems and find most favorable business oriented solution, for setting down the strategy in civil proceedings, arbitration process or alternative methodological procedures, such as mediation.

Decade long practice of the law office is the foundation for lawyers for civil proceedings at all levels of jurisdiction of the courts in many areas, including: commercial disputes, bank and financial, corporative and disputes concerning area of securities, employment, energetic, restitution and conversion of property, insolvency, insurance and reinsurance, intellectual property, international arbitration, international trade and transport (including aviation and marine), IT, media, product liability, professional liability, real estate, tax regulation, telecommunications.


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