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Corporate Law

Corporate Law

The basis and the key of every successfully set system. The increase of the inclusion of companies in Serbia into global corporative transaction, as well as presence of multinational companies, involves the establishment of an adequate position to access markets, technology and reducing risk exposure.

Our corporative group consults numerous world’s leading companies as well as financial institutions and investment funds in the procedures of establishment, mergers and acquisitions in Serbia, a joint venture investment of private and public capital, manage risk capital and private equity investments, and other transactional matters. It is of the utmost importance, in that sense, the extensive experience in the establishment and business registration, status changes that include merging and division of subjects, the formation of holding company and all its modalities.

In cooperation with Central register for securities and the Commission for securities, we perform takeovers and purchase of subject at the stock market, with minimization of financial risk.

Monitoring and changing the ownership structures of companies, with complete legal consulting, represent a part of corporative groups of major international law offices and step towards accomplishing multilateral corporative groups as well as cross border arrangements companies.


Knez Mihailova no. 17, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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