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Contract Law

Contract Law

The contract is the law for the Contracting Parties and it provides for the realization of the business ideas and arrangements that participants in the business want to achieve. We provide legal advice as a “home” legal team for the support in drafting of commercial contracts, especially taking into account the main project and the sector in which the contract is realized.

The team consists of lawyers with experience to provide the support from simple statements to complex multi-party projects, divided into several jurisdictions. Rules of business suggest that relation of two or more subjects in a contracting process should be regulated so that there is a fulfillment of the contract, and that in the event of a dispute, each party will be adequately protected.

For each client, needed “home” team of legal support in drafting a commercial contract is established, but as a regulator of major projects and business – critical contracts for companies in all sectors.

The team is committed to providing consulting that covers all types of contracts, including purchase and supply, dealer agreements, setting up all the necessary network of operations, franchise, agency and distribution, logistics and storage facilities, managing of arrangements, business outsourcing. K&F Advokati Law Office prepares series of drafts of documents necessary for the creation and preservation of these contractual relations, protection of the rights of our clients and increase of the value of their business, minimize risk, harmonization with the current law, international treaties, customs regulations and bylaws.

During the drafting of the contract it is specifically indicated on a common practice in the treatment of state authorities, the views and opinions of relevant ministries, as well as the relevant material and procedural legal jurisdiction. Multinational companies, by investing in the Serbian market, apply its usual practice, adhering to the principle of doing business in specific activities.

K&F Advokati Law Office adjusts internal corporate and contractual regulations of each company with the relevant Serbian legislation. Trade and retail sector is one of the most dynamic and competitive sector. Multinational companies, as clients, rightly expect from a lawyer global approach with possibility of application in localized context. For resolving the current issues of our clients, we simultaneously seek to establish the legal framework and achieve strategic competitiveness in the market.


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