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NewsEnergy transition: transition to renewable energy sources

May 18, 2022

The International Conference “Energy in the Balkans: Transition to Renewable Energy Sources and Improving Energy Networks” was held on May 10 at the Mona Plaza Hotel in Belgrade, with the participation of a large number of energy officials and experts.

The meeting was officially opened by Patricio Dei Tos, President of Confindustria Serbia, Barbara Beltrame Giacomello, Vice President in charge of internationalization of Italian companies in Confindustria, Maria Luisa Meroni, President of Confindustria Est Europa (Eastern Europe), N.E. Carlo Lo Caso, Ambassador of the Republic of Italy in Belgrade, N.E. Emanuele Giofre, Ambassador and Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia, professor PhD Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia and Minister of Mining and Energy.

The moderator of Panel I “Energy Transition: Switching to Renewable Energy Sources” was lawyer PhD Dubravka Kosić, partner of the office of K&F Advokati, a longtime member of the association Confindustria Serbia.

The current situation shows that the energy world is experiencing a turnaround in the sector, with a significant impact on companies, but also with new opportunities for the business sector. In that sense, the decisions of different countries, both from a strategic and political point of view and the transition to a green economy, will have a fundamental role, in a sense shaping the future of the entire region, business opportunities and lives, concluded the conference.

The conference was attended by senior representatives of the region’s governments, European Union institutions in charge of energy, companies already operating in the Balkan region, as well as financial institutions necessary for a sustainable and efficient green transition. The conference was of a regional character and provided the participants with more detailed information on the energy future of Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Greece.

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