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NewsConference “Road to recovery: the future of the global supply chain”

September 27, 2022

Organized by the Association Confindustria Serbia, the Slovenian Business Club and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, Belgrade hosted a major conference on logistics “Road to recovery: the future of the global supply chain”.

Since the emergence of the coronavirus in early 2020, supply chains around the world have slowed down drastically for various reasons. Every sector and actor in the economy is affected to some degree, especially the automotive, technology and medical industries. Modern global supply chains, through which most of the goods in our daily use pass, are designed to be economical, but not necessarily resilient, so they often create challenges that neither companies nor consumers are immune to.

That is why the aim of the conference, held in the premises of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and attended by the partners of our office, lawyers Dubravka Kosić and Mihajlo Bakrač, was an open dialogue between experts and industry leaders on the comprehensive impact of the pandemic and the latest geopolitical developments on world logistics. At the same time, they presented to the public the opportunities and possibilities that lie ahead and that arise from new regulations and new infrastructure. The conference also offered insight into industry-specific cases and their approach to the new supply chain model.

The participants of the conference were representatives of the state, domestic and international institutions, as well as over 120 companies from the field of logistics, transport, as well as other sectors of the manufacturing industry.


Knez Mihailova no. 17, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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