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NewsFIC White book presented for this year

November 22, 2023

Dubrvka Kosić, partner at K&F Advokati, on November 21st 2023 attended a festive event organized by the Council of Foreign Investors, organized on the occasion of the publication and presentation of the White Book for 2023.

The event was opened by the President of the Council and CEO of Yettel, Mike Michel, with his opening speech, and the attendees were then addressed by the Executive Director of the Council, Aleksandar Ljubić, the Head of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Emanuel Žiofre, and the Minister of Mining and Energy in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Dubravka Đedović Handanović. Through these presentations, the challenges and obstacles faced by the members of the Council in their business were presented, and then the scope of action according to the recommendations from last year’s edition of the White Book was reviewed.

The analysis of the comprehensive situation led to the conclusion that, in the areas that the members of the Council see as crucial, our institutions have to work on improving: tax regulations, labor law regulations, the field of digitialisation and electronic business, the field of real estate and construction, the fight against illicit trade and inspections, regulations on the environment, regulations on foreign exchange operations, etc.

More about the event at the link FIC


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