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Free Zones

Free Zones

With economical legal perspective, it is undeniable a rapid development of the free zones and the tendency of greater utilization of the benefits that they provide. Companies during their development are beginning to view the immeasurable benefits of doing business in the free customs zone.

K&F Advokati Law Office provides available a team, which will, based on its experience in this field, be able to present the advantages of doing business in the Free Zone, as well as to provide technical assistance and support in the establishment of the zone.

For reviewing the benefits that Free zone offers, we presents the following general benefits of exemption from VAT for the goods which within the customs procedure are temporarily imported and actively refined with a system of delay, for the goods which are temporarily imported and exported in the unaltered state, for the goods for which the procedure for processing under customs control has been approved, for the good that has been approved for transit, for the goods for which the procedure of storage has been approved, for the goods which are exempt from customs and customs duties under the Customs Law.

We emphasize that the essence of the benefits of free zones on the territory of Republic of Serbia, can be seen also through the prism of combination of factors that lead to the possibility of maximum exploitation of the Duty-Free Zone institutes such as the position of the Republic of Serbia and its relationship with European markets, bilateral and multilateral agreements, which signatory is the Republic of Serbia, among which, as one of the most important, appears Free Trade Agreement with Russia (0% duty rate).

Experts from the office can present and provide with the support during implementation of the entire procedure of establishment and functioning of Free Customs Zones, in order to improve company operations and maximum utilization of resources.


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