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Competition Law

Competition Law

Local markets are becoming part of the global challenges and require a global response, with the knowledge of the domestic legislation which is approaching in its regulation to the EU Directives.

Our practice is built on highly qualified lawyers who conduct the procedures in practice, fully aware of local and international dimensions of competition issues. Serbian market is including in wide spectrum of conduct in restraining of trade under special regulations, agreements, and protection from monopoly abuse of dominant position, restrictive position of the supplier or customer arrangements, joint ventures and corporate mergers and acquisitions – these laws affect almost every aspect of the company’s activity in the market. It is especially built the practice for counseling in investment transactions through joint venture investments. A new area opens also in the application of competition law in bankruptcy proceedings, through the reorganization and bankruptcy.

Application of competition rules is expected in constant areas. Clients are specifically provided with information on the harmonization of the already set up systems of distribution with new rules and amendments to already existing agreements.

The main motto of the work of K&F Advokati Law Office is professional practical application for each client individually, referring to implementation of new rules and regulations of antimonopoly and competition law, which are essential for any investment and regular operation on the market, timely information on the adoption of new legal solutions and implementation into already existing agreements.

K&F Advokati Law Office is constantly in cooperation with the Commission for protection of competition in order to harmonize its clients business, but especially through the process of take over, mergers, acquisition or bankruptcy.


Knez Mihailova no. 17, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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