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NewsJovanka Broz Foundation – Legacy and Vision

December 8, 2023

On December 7th in the Babe Hotel, The Jovanka Broz foundation organized an event that represents a fitting tribute to Jovanka Broz, former first lady of Yugoslavia and a prominent historical figure. Among many others, Dubravka Kosić, a partner in K&F Advokati attended this memorable event that paid homage to the legacy of Jovanka Broz.

The event showcased the foundation’s ongoing work as well as future plans, goals and aspirations, primarily the goal of establishing a Museum that would be dedicated to First ladies, restoring Broz’s personal collection, giving maximum support to women who have suffered from violence, but also giving support to some young, gifted minds through investing in their future. Also, an auction for the purchase of remaining photographs of Jovanka Broz was held, that way, anyone interested in owning a piece of history can do it by supporting the foundation’s noble causes.

More about the event at the link Diplomacy&Commerce


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