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Energetic is a complex area and it has a highly competitive place for market participants, where Serbia takes a developing position. In this environment, professional advisors are out of essential value to understand clients’ needs and apply the legislation.

K&F Lawyers Law Office has participated in privatization of all mines in Serbia with the successful acquisition and it provides services in ensuring the rights of exploration and expansion of the investigative field. Our expertise covers the whole energy chain of production, but also daily client needs in these areas.

Energy group has experience in the field of alternative energy projects, including renewable energy facilities, in particular, wind projects, a panel of the park, solar energy, and biomass.

K&F Lawyers Law Office offers in the business sense, practical pragmatic solutions particularly in the area of mining industry, LPG, regulatory and contractual aspects of Power sector entities.

The legal teams, along with highly trained consultants for particular areas of law, develop a due diligence for large systems and, with the aim of realization of the projects, opportunities and conditions for conducting business and obtaining licenses.

The teams are prepared for maximum security and risk assessment of potential risk situations. Significant is the experience in analyzing the court proceedings, especially during the process of takeover the position of legal successor in the proceedings with multi-million sums.

The most experienced attorneys for many years successfully represent clients in this area and before the chosen Arbitration.


Knez Mihailova no. 17, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

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